Our Story

This global pandemic wasn’t our first warning to wear protective gear that would protect us from harmful substances in the air. From seasonal pollen allergies to the Saharan Dust Cloud and Beijing Red Dust Storm in 2015, all the way till Ebola (2014-2016) and Covid-19 (2019- ), we were always advised to wear a mask for humanity. So I questioned, why don’t more people wear a mask? The answer is because it is unnatural, so it’s uncomfortable, for someone to breathe inside or through a physical filter. That is just not how we were designed to breathe. 

As an individual suffering from bronchial asthma with a severe reaction to dust and polluted air, protective respiratory gear wasn’t a choice, but a necessity throughout my whole life. Wearing a mask with asthma wasn’t always easy either. Every two hours, I had to take a break from the mask to prevent another asthma attack to interfere with my daily routine. However, today, a mask isn’t essential just for people who have asthma or other respiratory diseases, but for everyone to protect ourselves and the people we love around us. 

And so, I decided to live up and create something for myself and my family. Through countless trials and errors, the Cloud Mask Team finally succeeded in inventing the first Nano-Tech Filtration Technology, consisting of 0.4-micron Nano-Particle Mesh Fiber for a mask with 97.1% protective rate with maximum air permeability. Oh and also, we did not forget about making our product eco-friendly, since air pollution is only going to make my respiratory disease to go worse. If you can’t change the circumstances, then you gotta adjust in some way, right? 

So today, we are confident to say that Cloud Mask is the world's most breathable, lightweight, and comfortable mask for anyone. I can only say this with certainty because I am the hardest person to satisfy when it comes to a mask and this one sure did. 

Our future generation deserves the freedom that we had taken for granted. Protect them with @cloudmask__